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more, more episode analysis. this time dead men don't throw rice, which i think about a LOT.

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ok, this is more of like general episode analysis than the other posts i have brought over here so far. but you know what? i don't want to lose any of this stuff/i don't want it to disappear into the ether. SO. here it goes. with minimal editing this time. this is relatively rough - i'm pretty sure i wrote it on my phone in the middle of a sleepless night. so: be warned.

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Another post migrates from Tumblr. Because... well. Because. Well.

A few edits have been made. Originally I was going to just post it as was - originally, I did - and then this happened anyway.

One day I might write an addendum to this about the ghost of Ray Vecchio's father. Because: wow. There's a lot going on there.


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This was originally posted to my tumblr, but in a kind of bitty way, and as tumblr is a bit of a nightmare for reading/commenting I want to post some of my stuff up here for ease of linking to elsewhere. So if you feel like you've seen this before... maybe you have. Anyway, this is still kind of bitty and not a coherent essay, but I am kind of proud of it & hope it's worth reading anyway.

First up: This is about the s4 episode The Ladies' Man, which is maybe my favourite episode of Due South. But it's not easy watching.

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