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dear author,

thank you so much for writing for me! you can find me over at tumblr here.

some general DNWs:
  • i don't like long explicit sex scenes (except for where i indicate otherwise below), i don't like onscreen noncon (don't mind brief references to it, but not as an act between main characters), and i'm not particularly into BDSM or other kink stuff.
  • i am not much of a fan of darkfic, although you can use your judgment with the prompts below.
  • i don't really like high school AUs - i generally like reading about characters as adults.
  • i also am not a big fan of first person perspective in fic.
  • please no kidfic or fic about pregnancy.

stuff that i generally like:
  • i am happy with any length or tense etc.
  • i am also happy with any kind of experimentation or weird formatting you want to try - from reverse chronology to epistolary fiction through to interactive fiction, etc. am also perfectly happy without any of that stuff either, though.
  • i like casefic, get-together fic, fic about characters getting back together (as friends or lovers), mysteries, 5+1 times stories, fake dating, mutually unrequited pining, hurt/comfort (with the emphasis more on the hurt than the comfort), bittersweet stories, happy stories, sad stories (usually with at least a slightly hopeful ending). 


College of Magics - Caroline Stevermer
Characters: Faris Nallaneen, Tyrian

I read A College of Magics (and scholar of magics and when the king comes home) in the past year and i'm obsessed with it. such a wonderful, fun, and oddly bittersweet book! i particularly love the mysterious, numinous quality of the magic in this world. i love the worldbuilding of the ruritanian states that the world is built around, i love the fraught journey on the orient express... and i love all of the characters.

I am only requesting Faris and Tyrian, but am happy for you to include other characters (or not) as you see fit. I am a big fan of Faris and Tyrian's relationship, and would love to get a fic focusing on that relationship, although i'd also be happy with a more gen story about their adventures if you're not up for romantic fic.

Specific prompts:
  • Faris/Tyrian negotiating Tyrian's new body and their relationship in the wake of the ending of A College of Magics. Tyrian is in the body of a 50-something king. He doesn't seem very happy about it, but Faris doesn't seem to mind so much... I would actually love a story about them in bed together, Faris convincing him that she loves him even if he does look like the old king.
  • Would also be very happy with a fix-it fic about this. Maybe there's a magical solution after all! Maybe they have to go on an adventure together to find it! Maybe it's a gross blood magic ritual and Faris is keen but Tyrian isn't! Who knows.
  • If you don't want to focus on this, I would be happy with a story about events in the book from Tyrian's perspective. Would especially like his perspective on the relationship with Faris.
  • I love the worldbuilding of this universe a lot and would also like something about Faris and Tyrian visiting Glasscastle, or anything that ties into When The King Comes Home.

Lynes and Mathey Series - Amy Griswold & Melissa Scott
Characters: Ned Lynes, Julian Mathey

THESE BOOKS. Gay magical kind of-Sherlock Holmes. I love them both, so much. I love that they have a complicated relationship history with all of these traumas and yet they love each other very fiercely and want it to work out.

This is another series where I love the worldbuilding and magic a lot. I love what we know of the magic system and would love to see more exploration of that if you're into it too (but don't worry if not). I'm interested in their personal histories, although I don't really want too much more exploration of their time at boarding school. 

i am happy with basically any heat level for this. canon-typical fade to black for sex is pretty ideal for me but am also happy with sex scenes as long as there's other stuff in the fic too. similarly, although i don't love reading kink, i think a certain amount is built into their relationship... so i am happy for you to include exploration of that if you want to! 

Specific prompts:
  • Casefic. I don't tend to love established relationship fic but I'd love fic set-post Dionysus Club about them solving crime together and continuing to work their relationship out.
  • AU in a different historical time period. 1920s London? 1960s? 1980s? I don't really want modern day AU, but I consider any time through the 1990s to count as a "historical time period" (god i am old), and I am flexible. I would love to see what they, and the magical world they live in, would look like at another moment in history. I don't really want a non-magical AU, though.
  • How did they start sleeping together again before Death by Silver? Would love story about the clueless idiots falling into bed together and misunderstanding everything.
  • Would love pre-canon fic about them at Oxford and making each other miserable.
  • This is a fandom where I would particularly love a 5+1 times fic, showing their relationship at different points. So maybe 5 times Ned didn't tell Julian what he was thinking, and 1 time he did. Or 5 times Julian didn't go home with Ned, and one time he did. 
  • Undercover As A Couple/fake dating. Pre canon or AU.
  • Ghost stories. I would... just love to see them dealing with ghosts.

Singin' in the Rain (1952)
Don Lockwood, Kathy Selden, Cosmo Brown

I love this OT3 so much. SO much. So I would love OT3 fic, but am also happy enough with queer gen centering on Cosmo, or Cosmo/Don (as long as you're kind to Kathy)! If you just want to focus on the friendships, that's fine too.

I'm very interested in silent era Hollywood through the pre-code era and the rest of the 1930s, and would love to read fic that is very historically situated if you're into that too. Fic about Hollywood and its macinations would be very gratefully relieved. But if you want to focus on the characters and have that stuff more in the background, that's fine too.

Specific prompts:
  • Kathy is a PI in 1930s Hollywood, and gets caught with Don and Cosmo in the process of trying to solve a case. Noir hijinks ensure.
  • Post-canon OT3 get-together fic. Will never tire of Don and Kathy working out that they love Cosmo and that he loves them, too.
  • Pre-canon about Don and Cosmo getting together as young artists on the vaudeville circuit.
  • Queer gen about navigating the gay scene in 1920s/30s Hollywood.
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